Sensory integration is the neurological process that organizes sensation from one’s own body and from the environment, to help people use their bodies effectively within the environment. It is a fundamental key to human development and basic functioning.

The interaction between your child’s personality, brain development and his or her environment can create cases of sensory integrative dysfunction. This could result in slow oral, visual, perceptual, and fine and gross motor skills; motor-planning skills; poor hand-eye coordination; poor muscle strength and postural instability; sensory processing disorder; and lastly delayed modulation. Sensory Integration affects learning, social-emotional development, and neurophysiological processes, such as motor performance, attention, and arousal.

Each child is unique in his/her own needs. We begin this program with an assessment conducted by our certified occupational therapist. Any existing and/or potentially detected disorders will be noted and intervention structure will be constructed by our therapists according to the child’s needs and learning pattern. We believe children learn most through play, exploration, imagination, and ideation and thus our Sensory Integration program will be delivered across to the child through these. Parents will be receiving ongoing assessment results and progress track records.