Reading Problem & Dyslexia

Help For Reading Problems & Dyslexia

Reading is the gateway to learning. Singapore Brain Intervention Centre’s brain training and sound-to-code reading training can become the foundation for a life of easier, faster and more fluent reading. Singapore Brain Intervention Centre does not ignore the underlying causes of poor reading. By identifying the skill weaknesses behind each student’s specific reading problems, we are able to overcome a lifetime of poor reading in a matter of weeks! Lack of phonological awareness, listening deficiency and weak visual processing are causes of poor reading.

Lifetime Benefits
Reading depends on strong cognitive skills for consistent success. Efficient auditory processing is at the core of all reading success. Studies by the department of education have suggested that poor auditory processing skills contribute to over 80% of the nation’s reading problems! If the student struggles to read, it is very likely that he or she is held down by an auditory processing weakness.

Identify Processing Deficits

Singapore Brain Intervention Centre’s testing can quickly identify any specific auditory processing deficits. Training can be formulated to strengthen those weaknesses and rebuild the reading foundation the student needs. Nothing changes lives quite as dramatically as the improvement in reading that comes from Tomatis, auditory  and visual processing  training.