• Circle Time (9:00-9:30am)
    • Fun- filled and interactive start with emphasis on speech and language, postural control, and hand and body gesture imitation.
    Objective: Social-emotional Development, Reasoning and Observational Skills
  • Exploratory Play Time (9:30-10:00am)
    An active and interactive session on cognition, play and social interaction, and good language use in a group setting. 
    • Objective: Strengthening of Learning and Social relationships
  • Sensory Organisation (10:00-10:30am)
    The development and/or enhancement of sensory integration through endurance training, muscle and core strengthening exercises, and coordination,  balancing, and motor planning activities. 
    • Objective: Sensory Integration, Basic functioning, Body-awareness
  • Snack and Hygiene (10:30-11:00am)
    Supervision of self-feeding and self-help skills, as well as teaching them how to handle food safely and hygienically.
    • Objective: Oral Motor Skills, Executive Building Skills, and Food safety and Hygiene
  • Creative Art (11:00-11:30am)
    Exciting combination of dance, drama, music, and visual arts. Each day's art curriculum will focus on either one of the areas. 
    • Objective: Self-expression, Tactile Processing, Bilateral Motor Coordination, and Fine Motor Skills
  • Interactive Book Reading (11:30-11:45am)
    Verbal interaction through story-book reading, encouraging idea-generation and creative thinking. Emphasis is also placed on vocabulary and grammar development.  
    • Objective: Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication Skills
  • Closing Circle (11:45-12:00pm)
    A rhythmic and joyful way to end the day with reflective thinking and engaging songs. 
    • Objective: Cognitive Development, Social and Language Development, and Life Skills Enhancement

*Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

A student having her snack time
A student engaging in tactile sand