Between the age of 2 to 6 years, children spend more time at home than at care or therapy centre. When therapists and families work together, children’s development and learning in early intervention is fully supported. We effectively communicate with parents, recognize and appreciate their diverse backgrounds when designing interventions. Our Family-centered early intervention approach recognizes the importance of the role a family plays in child development and conducts treatment goals and plans in collaboration with parents to assist the family in managing the child’s needs on a domestic level.

Therefore, we offer a wealth of family-focused resources that are completely devoted to helping us build connections, and effectively involve and engage families. Our resources encourage family involvement and helps in extending and fostering a child’s development and learning. Through our transdisciplinary practice, we ensure families become more skilled at evaluating and/or decoding their child’s behavior at home and provide support accordingly. Our Early Intervention Programme moves beyond just a child-centered approach.