about usSingapore Brain Intervention Centre is a social enterprise providing comprehensive early childhood development. We focus not only on academic achievement but also on the holistic development of the “body-mind-spirit”.

The primary years of a child’s life are a particularly sensitive period in the process of their development, laying the foundation in many areas – cognitive functioning, behavior, social skills, regulatory capabilities and even physical health. Yet many children face various stressors during these crucial years that may impair their healthy development. Our early childhood intervention programs are designed to eliminate these factors that place children at risk of performing poorly.

Our curriculum is not only research-based, they’re research-proven—validated and shown to be effective by extensive research conducted by independent researchers. Our vast body of research helps prove the credibility of our curriculum and to help deliver positive outcomes for all our students.

Singapore Brain Intervention Centre believes that the best and most powerful way to improve child outcomes is through effective teaching. This is why we have formulated a forward-thinking, comprehensive, research-based and research-proven curriculum that will not only enable our preschoolers to be their most effective, but also ensures that learning is exciting and relevant for every child.

Using exploration and discovery as a way of learning, our curriculum enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. It also addresses all the important areas of learning, from social-emotional and math to technology and the arts, and incorporates them throughout every part of every day.

Our programs support active learning and promote children’s progress in all core developmental areas. Incorporating the latest research and best practices, our programs takes the needs of every type of learner into account. We further integrate specialized therapy for children with learning difficulties

Through our programs, we hope to create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker.

We also strongly believe in building partnerships with families that are based on trust and mutual respect. Therefore, in conjunction with our education programs, we provide individual and family consultation and therapy.

We are supported by an advisory board consisting of:

  • Professionals from the clinical and neuropsychology disciplines
  • Professionals in occupational and speech therapy
  • Specialists in vision and auditory processing skills
  • Educational professionals